Hey, guys!

Hey, guys! I'ts been a looong time!

For my friends who have been following this blog since 2011, I am so glad you all stayed... or not. LOL! I've been checking some of my fellow bloggers and it didn't surprise me that some were like meopted to delete their (old, teeny bopper tutorials and hauls) posts and just focus on their personal lives. I was contemplating if I will re-open this blog and share whatever is up with me now, just like the old times. And duh, guess what...I'm back!

I kind of felt nostalgic the first time I opened my Blogger account and quite amazed that I still remember the password! It's been what, four or five years? Gods, a lot has happened. Good and bad. Ups and downs. Lefts and rights. I can't say everything has changed. Yes, I am older, but tss, It's still me, and I'm keeping this blog pink. Haha!

So aside from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (that I baaarely update), I will be keeping this blog. Woop-woop! I have some plans in mind about what to post here, and (fingers-crossed) will never, ever delete. I recently got myself into cooking (miracles happen), work (read: "mature"), and still random stuff like crocheting and knitting (oh, how random).

Okay, this is pretty long already. I don't want to bore you more so I'm ending this one here. Hear you again, yes?

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